Dawn Here Dusk There/

Solar Time
video installation

With two screens facing each other along the line of East-West, I attempt to create a time and space for crossing between day and night. By walking into the path, the audiences are invited to exist in the two time and spaces at the same time. The piece was developed during Koumaria Residency in Greece in support of Medea Electronique, and first showcased in Onassis Cultural Center in Athens.

exhibited at Doldam Gallery, Jeju, Korea

Facing the Sun 2.0 /

Solar Time
live video installation

Facing the Sun is a project in collaboration with visual artist Gonzalo Reyes Araos, where you see the state of the sunlight of the world in realtime with open-source live webcams found online. It also exists in the form of the website at facingthesun.net as a pixellated map. As a collective from antipode regions - Gonzalo from Chile and Lucia from Korea - both having lived in opposite time zone from home, we are fascinated by the experience of being in day and night at the same time as one chats with his/her mother from home. With this project, we attempt to create a space that enable us to transcend geographic limit of experiencing time, with help of technology as an extension of our senses.

exhibited at Doldam Gallery, Jeju, Korea


With ‘Smartstone’ – an imaginary product made with stone – as an alternative of smartphone, the project attempts to rethink and question human relationship with our technology. Using language of tech company’s marketing line twisted with that of mystical products, Smartstone disguises as an ultimate ‘next new gadget’. Smartstone is a revolutionary ‘device’ that resembles smartphone in size and shape but does nothing but being a stone. Its simple functionality to the state of Zen gives you room of imagination and reflection that we are loosing in this information age, yet, its appearance allows you to still live incognito with other smartphone users. First and second batch of Smartstone comes from sedimentary rocks of Buan located in South Korea – home of leading smartphone company. Made truly organically, each Smartstone has unique shape from its nature formation. As an experimental and experiential project, the first trial was initiated by lending stones to a few of my friends and acquaintances in New York and Seoul in 2015 and getting feedback of their experience. During the artist residency at Artspace IAa in Jeju between March~ August 2018, I have developed the project for public, and presented Smartstone in local bookstore and Open Studio for people to have their own Smartstone experience, in exchange of their smartphone. I have been collecting individual’s experiences, and based on their experience the project has been evolving.

exhibited at Artspace IAa,
                     Mirae Boookstore

single-channel video

Breathscape is a series of re-imagined landscape made with breathing human stomachs. We find shapes of human body in landscape; could we find landscapes in our bodies by closing up? What is it like to see breathing stomachs of all kinds side by side and to frame them as a whole breathing landscape? As a process, I have been recording breathing stomachs of all status, age and race including pregnant women. Each individual’s stomach forms either mountain or valley with her own breathing cycle, which unavoidably reflects the effect of my presence with a camera and intimacy of the recording itself. This is the first composed piece of the series.

exhibited at Artspace IAa, Jeju, Korea
16th Seoul International New Media Festival, Korea