With ‘Smartstone’ – an imaginary product made with stone – as an alternative of smartphone, the project attempts to rethink and question human relationship with our technology. Using language of tech company’s marketing line twisted with that of mystical products, Smartstone disguises as an ultimate ‘next new gadget’. Smartstone is a revolutionary ‘device’ that resembles smartphone in size and shape but does nothing but being a stone. Its simple functionality to the state of Zen gives you room of imagination and reflection that we are loosing in this information age, yet, its appearance allows you to still live incognito with other smartphone users. First and second batch of Smartstone comes from sedimentary rocks of Buan located in South Korea – home of leading smartphone company. Made truly organically, each Smartstone has unique shape from its nature formation. As an experimental and experiential project, the first trial was initiated by lending stones to a few of my friends and acquaintances in New York and Seoul in 2015 and getting feedback of their experience. During the artist residency at Artspace IAa in Jeju between March~ August 2018, I have developed the project for public, and presented Smartstone in local bookstore and Open Studio for people to have their own Smartstone experience, in exchange of their smartphone. I have been collecting individual’s experiences, and based on their experience the project has been evolving.

exhibited at Artspace IAa,
                     Mirae Boookstore